Something’s Up.



“The Event”


“Terra Nova”

“The River”

So here is a question: “What do these shows have in common?”

I’ll wait.

They were all sci-fi themed shows canceled after one single season. (Granted, “Jericho” gained a reprieve after fans inundated CBS with thousands of pounds of peanuts, resulting in a limited second season).

So, another question: “Why have these shows, introduced with much fanfare, and produced with huge budgets only lasted one single season?” Were they just God-awful? No. They were actually pretty good. Something else is going on here. I know what that is.

We are about to be invaded.

You heard me. Invaded.

Oh, I can hear the questions! “By who?”

Not who. What.

I have come into possession of the following image. An inside source, whose name I cannot disclose, claims that this picture was taken during the last election campaign, where this “Visitor” can be seen clearly endorsing Obama.

This endorsement was conditional upon the Obama administration using Hollywood to “condition”, or desensitize the public to the existence of aliens among us.

The best way to do this?

Hollywood. Yep. You heard me. All of these shows combined elements detailing the coming take over. They were all heavily funded by the government. The fact that rating were low indicates public apathy. That means the public does not care. That means we are ready to be taken over.  We won’t resist. We won’t fight back. How do I know all this? I listen to “Coast To Coast AM.” If anyone knows what’s really going on, it’s the people who go on that show.

Plus, my dog told me. He wouldn’t lie.